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Database project

Deus Ex Musica is an ecumenical project that promotes the used of a scared music as a resource for learning, spiritual growth, and discipleship.

Database Project: Contemporary Sacred Concert Music

Deus Ex Musica is compiling a listing of contemporary (post-1970) sacred concert works in all non-choral genres (please see below for details). Eventually, the information will be organized into a searchable database for interested performers, conductors, scholars, and laypeople. Eventually, the hope is for the database will be the world’s most comprehensive source for information about this repertoire.

We are counting on musicians and listeners from around the world to contribute information for the database. Anyone may fill out the form below, but please fill it out completely. If you are a composer, please list original works only, not arrangements. Thank you for contributing!

Additional information about the music we are looking to include in this project:

“Sacred” music: For our purposes, we are looking for pieces that engage with the Christian tradition in any of the following ways: a.) by setting to music Biblical or other spiritual texts from the Christian tradition (such as prayers), or by taking inspiration from those texts in significant ways; b.) by exploring characters or stories from the Bible or the Christian tradition (i.e., saints or other historical Christians); c.) by exploring theological or spiritual themes or ideas specifically from the Christian tradition. Pieces without text must be intended by the composer to function in one of these ways (for example, Messiaen’s “Vingt Regards”) Please note: the composers do not have to be practicing Christians.

Concert music: Please list only music from the Western “classical” tradition (including contemporary classical music), as well as works involving jazz or pop musicians (but not principally jazz or pop compositions. So, Jesus Christ Superstar is out.) For now, we are not interested in songs from various vernacular or popular traditions, or instrumental/devotional compositions that exist (only) in recorded form. And while some works (such as organ preludes) may have had their genesis as liturgical compositions, all works listed here should be able to stand on their own as concert pieces.

Originality: Please list only works that are original - that is, not arrangements (say, of hymns.) Pieces may use hymns or other traditional types of sacred or liturgical music, but that music should serve the larger purposes of the piece itself.

Instrumentation/Genre: Works for any combination of voices and/or instruments are accepted, with the notable exception of music for choir or choir/ensemble. Works for solo voice (or a small group of voices) and orchestra/ensemble will be accepted - just no anthems, oratorios, choral cantatas, etc. Opera is ok!

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